1.     How do I take care of my new Gissy bag?
The cork and leather parts have been treated in order to stay as beautifull as the day of your purchase. The cork can be whiped with a wet cloth and soft soap if needed. Even stains as nasty as wine, moyonaise or chocolat can be cleaned in a short time. Please keep in mind that your new item is made out of natural products and that those will change.

2.     How will my new Gissy bag be when it gets older?
Both materials used in your unique Gissy bag are natural products. They are treated in the most friendly way possible in order to keep their natural qualities. In time the cork and leather will change color.
3.     How long will I be able to enjoy my Gissy bag?
If used, kept and taken care of properly you will be able to enjoy your Gissy bag for many years.

4.     Is my new Gissy bag waterresistant?
Yes, all Gissy items are waterproof. Both materials, leather and cork are treated so they do not stain if water falls on them. Never the less we do not recommand you dipping your Gissy bag in water.

5.     How can cork be transformed from tree bark to a Gissy fashion item?
Every nine years, the Cork Oak bark is harvested by hand. It is the only tree whose bark can be removed without damaging the tree. The Cork Oak can live 150 to 200 years and stocks carbon in order to regenerate its bark. Cork is harvested on a regular cycle, which promotes healthy growth of trees and gives the best quality cork. After the cork is harvested it gets steamed, cut, diped in order to get a material that is so strong and soft that Gissy can turn it ito beautifull items. The material is finished oof with a coating.