Founded in 2013, Gissy has grown into an international brand for those seeking unique items that provide pleasure and comfort and products with a sustainable background. Hand-crafted, high-quality handbags that reflect Gissy’s personal style and her life’s passions.
Inspired by my home country, France and a life-long passion for handbags, I set out to create signature products and an inspirational lifestyle. Gissy is a derivative of my name: Ghislaine.
Carry life'a passion
During some of my journeys in France, I stumbled upon ‘cork’ being used as a material in the most diverse of items. I instantly fell in love with it. Not only does this material have all of the great qualities that some of my most precious leather handbags have, it has these qualities without inflicting any harm on nature. This makes cork an outstanding alternative to leather:
- 100% natural
- Sustainable and recyclable
- Soft and strong
- Lightweight
- Waterproof and stain resistant
Harvest & handcraft
Every collection is manufactured by hand in Portugal, as Portugal is the primary source of cork in Europe.
Every nine years, the Cork Oak bark is harvested by hand. It is the only tree whose bark can be removed without damaging the tree. The Cork Oak can live 150 to 200 years and stocks carbon in order to regenerate its bark. A Cork Oak bark that has been harvested absorbs 5 times more carbon and is therefore harvested on a regular cycle. The Cork Oak forest is an important source of income for thousands of people and provides invaluable ecological level in the current ecosystem that is so fragile.
Functional luxuary
When carrying your life’s passion, no compromises should be made. Gissy provides handcrafted, high-quality handbags in which great attention is paid to details, finishing and functionality.
Looking forward to experiencing a Gissy handbag for yourself? Please feel free to check out one of the Gissy collections online or at any of the stores that offer the unique Gissy collections.